Woodstove DIY – טיפים וטריקים לחימום רב יותר!

– דרך פשוטה וישירה ל"טיפ "כדי לתמוך בזמן ובאנרגיה שאנחנו משקיעים בהכנת הסרטונים שלנו. תודה רבה! – אנו מכסים מגוון עצום של נושאי משק בית בערוץ זה, בדוק את רשימות ההשמעה שלנו כדי להבין מה אנחנו מתכוונים, ושקול להירשם! שיתוף הערות כיצד אנו מחממים את ביתנו על הרבה פחות עץ באמצעות עלות נמוכה מאוד, מיומנות נמוכה, קלים ליישום התאמות ושיפורים בכיריים העץ שלנו. אכילים אכרים היא משתלת פרמקלצ'ר בשירות מלא הממוקמת באזור אגמי האצבעות במדינת ניו יורק. אנו מגדלים את כל השכבות של מערכות יערות מזון רב-שנתיות ומספקים צמחים רב-שנתיים סופר קשוחים, אכילים, שימושיים, רפואיים, קלים להפצה, למכירה מקומית או למשלוח ברחבי הארץ … – ההזמנה שלך תומכת במחקר ולמידה שאנו חולקים כאן ב יוטיוב. אנו מציעים גם ייעוץ ותמיכה באזורנו או מרחוק. גידול שמח! .


33 thoughts on “Woodstove DIY – טיפים וטריקים לחימום רב יותר!

  1. Nope

    Man really great stuff. We just moved onto our new property and after going through a full tank of propane in less than two months, we decided to go with wood.

    The wood stove and the well were the two main selling points for me. So far we've went through almost 2 face cords and it's going pretty quick. However these tips should do very much.

    I found your channel looking at ways to make charcoal in our wood stove top help offset the cost of wood. Great stuff, subscribed!

  2. Fight4ur1stAmnd

    get video thanks, I learned my stove must have been made before 1970 haha I've got the exact same fan but 2x of them circulating the air pointing in different directions, installed my wood stove 7 years ago and have never turned my furnace on since! hands down the best investment to my home and I also bought mine used off Craig's List for dirt cheap and it came with all the double wall and single wall chimney parts and pieces needed to install which can be more expensive than the stove its self, just because its old tech doesn't mean its not superior! I'll never got back to electric heat! Plus if we lose power in the winter I'm the only one in the neighborhood that doesn't have to go to a hotel

  3. Debbie Wood

    I appreciate learning about the outside air draw. That is a game changer. If the stove has a flange for the dryer duct to slip onto it can likely be secured with a hose clamp once and not be a recurring chore.
    I did the conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius, -24 is a good day to stay closer to home or put on the heavy winter jacket. 🙂

  4. 2Hearts3

    Thank you for this information. Planning to use a wood stove in my new house soon. This helps me prepare, especially your tip about feeding outside air to the stove. Thanks.

  5. john green

    It's much more efficient to move the cold air to the stove rather than try moving the hot air to cold areas. If you move the cold air to the stove then the cold air is replaced with the warmer air & doesn't take long until the entire air space is warm. Moving the hot air will always leave the cold air near the floor & still have cold floors. Also the house heats much faster if you're moving the cold air to get heated from the stove. I lived in an 80's trailer house for years & heated with a wood stove. By blowing the cold air to the stove the entire house was always warm & the best part about it is the floors stayed warm as well!

  6. Lewis Horsman

    What you need is to dot and dab the walls with half inch insulation behind. Make the walls thicker 🙂 and also replace those old windows. You can double glaze yourself with the new dot and dab and have storm windows.
    Storm windows are great for outside noises as well. Is your flooring insulated? You could do the same with the ceiling, add another layer with rocksall insulation.

  7. Jeffrey Richardson

    I bought my home in the year two thousand. I financed fifty five thousand from First Federal bank. The first home improvement was R-15 insulation in the attic. Vern Richardson helped me install it. He was my neighbor and father. He was a hot shit.

  8. Anthony Labeau

    Ok the air from the outside, is for the fan, so it has nothing to do with feeding the fire, but having some sort of piped in inlet with a on off valve from the outside to the burn boxes would be the ticket, that way it's not sucking from the air leaks in your home.

  9. Adolf Bidendork

    3M and others make clear plastic film to cover the windows and use the air gap as insulation and it keeps the leaks from letting cold air in. My set was like $15 and covered almost every window.


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